The convents

The old and contemporary convents of the Illustrious Order of the Templar Strict Observance 

 Prince Charles Edward Stuart, said the Pretender (1720-1788)


1722 – Birth of Karl von Hund in Manua.

1742 – Hund enters the “union” lodge in Frankfurt.

1743 – Karl von Hund in Paris.

1751 – Karl von Hund welcomes on June 24, 1751 in his Castle of Kittlitz (Upper Lusatia), the first lodge of Stricte Observance, “the three columns” in the East of Unwürde, composed mainly of soldiers.

1754 – Unwürde and Kittlitz Convent (for six weeks).

1754 – Altenberg Convent.

1772 – Convent of Kohlo, the Duke of Brunswick succeeds Baron de Hund to lead the Scottish lodges.

1773 – Berlin Convent. Baron Weiler exported the rite of Strict Observance to Strasbourg in 1774 to Lyon.

1775 – Brunswick Convent.

1776 – Death of Charles de Hund in Meiningen.

1776 – May 31, the three French directories of the Stricte Observance recognize the Grand Orient de France.

1776 – November 8 – Death of Charles de Hund in Meiningen.

1778 – Convent of Wolfenbutel – The Duke of Sudermania, future King of Sweden is elected Grand Master of the Seventh Province, replacing Hund.

1778 – Convent National des Gaules (in Lyon in November).

1782 – Convent of Wilhelmsbad – Split between the German Stricte Observance and the French Stricte Observance, creating the rectified Scottish regime. The two rites continue to exist separately during the first half of the 19th century.

1797 – Charles of Hesse succeeds the Duke of Brunswick.

1995 – Chapter of Matha (France).

First attempt to restore the province of Occitanie to the rite of Stricte Observance by the will of a few brothers, mainly from the G.L.N.F., interesting restoration, ex nihilo, prepared in a study circle since 1993.

2009 – Great chapter of Montpellier (Lunel October 11, 2009).

Restoration this time legitimate of the province of Aragon, which officially receives the patent of the Supreme Council of Confederate Rites, by 120 brothers and sisters of Stricte Observance, from a dozen lodges of the first Occitania. Aragon recognizes the moral and spiritual authority of a great master general.

2009 – Convent in Avignon (November 16, 2009).

The brothers and sisters of Aragon return to the sources of the masonry of Stricte Observance, redacting the first aggregates deemed unnecessary from the first contemporary Occitania. They then adopt a rule in nine points, strictly in accordance with the definition of the primary goals of universal Freemasonry. They decide to pursue the restoration of the other provinces as far as possible.

2010 – Mont-de-Marsan (January 16, 2010).

Restoration of the 3rd recognized and legitimate province of Occitanie, then a few months later by that of Auvergne, 2nd province.

2013 – Mont-de-Marsan

Installation of the new Grand Master General.
Appointment of the T.R.F. Didier Pestel, in Ordine Eques Professus a tempora Modernis, Grand Master General of the Order,
Appointment of the T.R.F. Jean Marie Auzanneau-Fouquet, in Ordine Eques Professus a Stella per Ensem, past Grand Master General of the Order and ad vitam regent of the rite,
Restoration of the 9th Templar province and appointment of its provincial grand master,
Updating of the statutes and constitutions of the Order,
Sleeping of the 2nd Templar province known as Auvergne, for felony.

2015 – Convent in the Abbey of Fontfroide (Aude)

Organized by the 1st Templar province of the Order, known as Aragon, on Saturday October 10, 2015.
Celebration of 20 years of the Order,
Restoration of the 8th Templar province of the Order, called Upper Germany, and appointment of its provincial grand master, Stéphane Battaglia, in Ordine Eques Professus a Griffe Argenteo,
Restoration of the 2nd province of the Order, known as Auvergne and appointment of its grand provincial master,
Principle of restoration of the 5th province of the Order, known as Burgundy and appointment of its provincial grand master, which will be effective on December 11, 2015,
Reception in the Order of Monsignor Marty, Archbishop and appointment of him as Grand Chaplain General of the Order, thus opening the way for representatives of the clergy.

2017 – XIth Convent at Château de La Barben (September 23, 2017)

Preceded the day before, September 22, 2017, for the first time, by a seminar of all the Provincial Grand Masters accompanied by their vicars, chaired by the serene Grand Master General of the Order. During this convent, the Serene Grand Master General I.O. Eques Professus a Tempora Modernis (Didier PESTEL) sees his mandate of great general mastery of the Order renewed a second time for four years unanimously by the Grand Provincial Masters.
All are sorry for the absence for health reasons of the Substitute Grand Master General who is reappointed to the TRF. Jack G.; in Ordine Eques Professus ab Alteri Certamine and our Regent of the Rite traveling for the Order

The Grand Master General Didier Pestel; I.O. Eques Professus at Tempora Modernis, installs the new Grand Masters of:

  • 2nd Province of Auvergne; the TRF Alain B.: I.O. Eques Professusa a Vitae confidentia.
  • 4th Province of Léon; the TRF; Xavier F.G.: I.O. Eques Professus in Trinita.
  • 6th Province of Great Britain; the TRF Alain P.: I.O. Eques Professus a Corde Aureo.
  • 7th Province of Lower Germany; Jean-Paul N .: I.O. Eques a Ioannis Rectus
  • 8th Province of Upper Germany; Philippe P.L.: I.O. eques ab Aureo Phenice.
    Appointment of the Grand Prior General; Alain B .: I.O. Eques Professus a Confluente

Activity of the Templar Strict Observance since the last Convent of 2015

  • the 5th Province of Burgundy, and 6th Province of Great Britain, have been awakened
  • appointment of a Vicar for Romania Province of Lower Germany: TRS. Mélinda G. I.O. Equitissa Anna

Installation of the Provincial Grand Masters:

  • from Occitanie (3rd) TRS. Nelly B.D.: Equitissa ab Unicorne Alato;
    de Bourgogne (5th) TRF. Stéphane S .: Eques Usque ad mortem et honorem
    and Islands and Archipelagos below and beyond the Seas (9th) TRF Jean rené H. I.O. Eques ab Fidei ad Sancti Ludovici

Many Respectable Lodges have been consecrated or awakened and among them, very historical ones including La Candeur in Strasbourg, Perfect Silence in Metz, Bienfaisance in Lyon, and Lodges in Bayonne, Paris, Freyming Merlebach, Bordeaux, Niort, Hyères, Toulon but also in Andorra, Moscow and Monaco, etc …
Prefectures have also been set up in almost all the provinces.
The order signed many treaties and was invited by a large number of Masonic bodies to their convents thus confirming the recognition of the awakening of the Illustrious Order of Strict Observance Templar

2021 XXIst Convent in the Templar Church of Beaussiet 40090 Mazerolles France.

This convent, initially planned in Bordeaux to celebrate the installation of the new Grand Master General, the TRF Alain Barbier, sees its organization disrupted by the global covid 19 pandemic.

It is therefore in the intimacy of a little over a hundred participants, only Sisters and Brothers of the Order, that it takes place in this church. For security reasons, we have canceled all invitations to other friendly Masonic bodies.
The seminar of the Provincial Grand Masters scheduled the day before was also canceled.
This particular convention is the opportunity to articulate the mandates of the Provincial Grand Masters with that of the Grand Master General; thus some first terms will be extended as much …

Transmission of the patent

The Serene Grand Master General, the TRF Didier PESTEL Eques Professus a Tempora Modernis in his moving speech, recalling the death of his substitute the TRF Jacques Gérin, presents his successor the current substitute the TRF Alain Barbier.
The General Assembly of S.O.T. / G.L.E.S.O. and Opus Templi having validated the moral and financial reports of the respective associations, as well as their offices closed the meeting.
The current Grand Master General Didier PESTEL can install according to tradition, legitimately and regularly, with the help of the Regent of the Rite, the T.R.F. J.M. A.-F. and Grand Chancellor P. M himself a former GM of another body.
The new GMG is dressed with the adequate explanations of the decorations of his new function, the Abacus of the Order, the patent of the Order is delivered to him personally with the help of the Regent of the Rite.


The new past Grand Master General gives the trophy that the Order has just constituted where are listed with the corresponding dates all the Grand Masters of our illustrious predecessors from the Middle Ages to the present day, Order of the Temple, Strict Observance Templar and Order Illustrate of Templar Strict Observance so that this trophy is updated and transmitted during the centuries to come.
The New Grand Master General in turn dresses the Past Grand Master General with his new decorations and by Ordinance appoints the TRF. Didier PESTEL Past Grand Master General, Grand Visitor of the Order and Grand Protector of the Order.

The New Provincial Grand Masters are then installed:

Provincial Grand Masters
Presented Provincial Grand Masters

The T.R.F. Jean Estevan for the 3rd Templar Province known as Aragon
The T.R.F. Félician Marius for the 7th Templar Province known as Lower Germany
The T.R.S. Marie France D. for the 8th Templar Province known as Upper Germany
The T.R.F. Patrick G. For the 9 th Templar Province known as Deçà and Beyond the Seas
The Templar Strict Observance and its Scottish Grand Lodge of Stricte Observance are therefore present in France, Germany, Russia, Romania, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Reunion Island, Madagascar, Ecuador, Brazil, Virginia (USA), Quebec (Canada), Martinique , Guadeloupe.