The 9-points rule

 Adopted by the great chapter in Avignon, November 16, 2009/695

1- Freemasonry practiced by the Order of Freemasons of Stricte Observance, founded in 1751, is a sovereign initiatory fraternity whose traditional foundation is faith in God, the great architect of the universe.

2- The Freemasonry of Stricte Observance refers on the one hand to the “old duties” and to the “landmarks” of the brotherhood, and on the other hand to the founding texts which are specific to it.

3- The Freemasonry of Strict Observance is an Order to which only free and respectable men or women can belong, committing themselves to putting into practice an ideal of peace, love and fraternity.

4- The Freemasonry of Stricte Observance participates by the moral and spiritual improvement of its members to that of the whole of humanity.

5- The Freemasonry of Stricte Observance, whose philosophy is based on a Christian esotericism, imposes on all its members the respect of the opinions of each one. It prohibits any political or religious discussion or controversy within it. It is thus the permanent center of fraternal union where a tolerant understanding and a constructive harmony must reign between the men and the women who, without it, would have remained strangers to each other.

6- The Freemasons of Strict Observance take their obligations on the volume of the Holy Law, the compass, the square and the sword, in order to give to the oath taken on him, the solemn and sacred character essential to its perenniality.

7- Strict Observance Freemasonry is open to all men and women of good will, without exception and regardless of their mode of thought, as required by universal Masonic law, and firmly desiring embark on a path of spiritual realization. They should know, however, before their admission and with full knowledge of the facts, that the rituals set in motion develop a traditional Christian esotericism. This is what our founding predecessors wanted in the “Enlightenment”.
The Stricte Observance system remains an immense source of knowledge drawing on the richest medieval times. This is the specificity and the raison d’être of this continental and European rite, one of the oldest in Freemasonry dating back at least to the year 1751.

8- The Freemasonry of Stricte Observance receives in its lodges and chapters, all the brothers and all the sisters, by equivalence of ranks. Members of the Strict Observance can reciprocally visit lodges and chapters of all Masonic systems. Members of the Strict Observance are free to belong to other Masonic associations while exercising good discretion.

9- The Order of Freemasons of Stricte Observance and its directory of united and rectified lodges is currently represented in France by the provinces of Aragon and Occitania, regular and legitimized, holding the patents of Stricte Observance granted on October 11 2009/695 in Lunel by the council of confederate rites and, internationally, by the province of Leon, (Andorra, Spain, Portugal), as well as the province of Archipelagos and Islands below and beyond the seas ( Madagascar, Reunion,…), the province of Lower Germany and pending the restoration of other provinces, under the auspices of the great general control of the Order.