The provinces

The provinces of the Order, with their titles and coats of arms

The Great Scottish Lodge of Strict Observance consists of 9 historically named provinces and 9 provinces defined in a contemporary way for its global structure.

First province of Aragon

Master: Grand Chancellor of the Order.

Weapons: A gold ring worked outside, with a bay leaf enamelled with sinople.

The inscription: In virtute tua (In your strength).

10 departments: 07-11-12-26-30-34-48-66-81-84.

2nd province of Auvergne

Master: Grand Prefect of the Knights.

Weapons: A knight on a golden horse, armed with all the pieces, the spear high, in a field of mouths.

The inscription: Who cupit (The One Who Wants).

16 departments: 01-03-15-19-23-38-39-42-43-58-63-69-71-73-74-87.

3rd province of Occitanie

Master: Grand Prefect of the Fleet.

Weapons: A galley rowing in a calm sea, silver, in a field of mouths.

Inscription: Prospero motu (By a happy movement).

13 departments: 09-16-17-24-31-32-33-40-46-47-64-65-82.

4th province of Leon

Master: Grand Dean of the Order.

Weapons: A silver lion in a mouth field.

Inscription: Audac[fortuna]es juvat (Luck – fortune – favors the daring)

3 countries: Andorra – Spain – Portugal

5th province of Burgundy

Master: Grand Treasurer.

Weapons: A silver skull in a mouth field.

The inscription: Mors omnia aequat (Death levels all things).

Switzerland and 15 departments: 08-10-21-25-51-52-54-55-57-67-68-70-88-89-90.

6th province of Great Britain

Master: Grand Preceptor of the Order.

Weapons: A golden anchor in a mouth field.

Inscription: Fata viam invenient (Fates will find their way)

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden and 35 departments: 02 -14-18-22-27-28-29-35-36-37-41-44-45-49-50-53-56-59-60-61-62-72-75-76-77-78-79-80-85-86-91-92-93-94-95.

7th province of Lower Germany

Master: Perpetual General Visitor.

Weapons: An arm armed with gold, with a sword coming out of a silver cloud, in a field of mouths.

The inscription: The three Gothic letters, that is, Labor Vins Convenit (Work is suitable for men).

Germany (except Bavaria), Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

8th province of Upper Germany

Master: Principal General of the Order.

Weapons: A helmet and a spear below gold, the azure field. 

The inscription: Ultorem Ulciscitur Ultor (The Avenger takes revenge from the avenger).

Albania, Austria, Bavaria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Vatican and 7 departments: 2A-2B-04-05-06-13-83.

9th province of archipelagos and islands below and beyond the seas

Master: Armors General Inspector

Weapons: a lion of gules leaning on a sable cross in a field of gold

The inscription: Veritas persuadet (the truth persuades).

10th province of South and Central America

Master: Grand Vicar Perpetual of the Order.

Weapons: In the heart, a mountain with three silver mountains, topped by a golden sun.

The inscription: Scandit fastigia virtus (the summits are defeated by courage).

11th province of North America

Master: Grand Commander of the Siege.

Weapons: From gold to a sand bison massacre.

Inscription: Spes non-confundit (hope does not disappoint).

12th Province of Canada and Groeland

Master: Grand Perpetual Prior.

Weapons: From silver to the elk of mouths to dextre, preceded to senestre of a flower of azure lilies.

The inscription: Certum monstrat iter (it shows the way).

13th province of Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand

Master: Grand Attorney General of the Order.

Weapons: D’Azur, a silver three-mat with two tails of gold arrows, topped by a bow placed in currency and bandaged with an arrow of the same.

The inscription: In via virtuti nulla is via (No way is inaccessible to courage).

14th province of China, Korea, Burma, Laos and Cambodia

Master: Grand Marshal Perpetual.

Weapons: From gold to a dragon of mouths.

The inscription: Sola salus serve Deo (Our only salvation is in the service of God).

15th province of Japan

Master: Grand Master of Perpetual Ceremonies (Magister ritualium magnus).

Weapons: From azure to a golden crane bypassed by sand, with four fans of the same placed around cross.

The inscription: Nomen laudesque manebunt (praise and name will remain).

16th province of Africa and the Middle East

Master: Grand Building Superintendent (Provisor domorum magnus).

Weapons: From gold to an African sand shield placed on two sagaies of the same in a jumper.

The inscription: Auxilium nostrum a domino (Our help comes from the Lord).

17th province of Mongolia, Siberia and Lapland

Master: Perpetual Master of the Wardrobe (Dator pannorum magnus).

Weapons: From silver to a princely tent of mouths.

The inscription: Agnum diligendo fratres confirmare (by loving the lamb, confirms the brothers).

18th province of India

Master: Perpetual Grand Master of Novices.

Weapons: From sinople to a silver elephant in the heart.

The inscription: In omni modo fidelis (Faithful in all ways).

Under the sole authority of the Serenissima Grand Master General:

  • The viguerie of the Principality of Andorra
  • The Viguerie of the West Indies