The mores

Concerning morals and conduct (1751)

1 – A Knight of the Temple must devote himself entirely to God, alone in three people.

2 – His lips must be chained by the bonds of angelic silence.

3 – He must strictly observe obedience to the Order and to the rules not dispensed with.

4 – A brother or sister of the Temple must always show holiness in his mores and in his way of behaving; thus he must always show justice and equity in the way of life, sobriety in food and drink, decency in conduct, moderation in speech and affability in trade .

5 – He must avoid any argument, any invective, any outrageous speech, any speech attacking the honor of his neighbor and any offensive or vindictive approach; and he must behave decently in all places and at all times.

6 – He must preserve between his brothers a holy fraternity, fidelity of heart and a celestial love, and bring the most prompt assistance to those of his brothers or sisters oppressed by misfortune or fallen in some unfortunate situation. This is why he must never take back a brother or a sister who is unhappy by his fault or that of others, but help him with a fraternal and peaceful humanity, and lend his hand to rescue him from the depths of misfortune or misfortune. vice. He must eradicate from the society of brothers and sisters all backbiting, all envy, all murmurings, all jealousy in the mouth and in the heart. In all, the Knights and brothers or sisters of the Temple will direct their manners, their bodily maintenance and their spiritual conduct in such a way as to be esteemed as lay brothers and sisters and respected by the layman.