To contact or join us, you can email at:

1) You have already been initiated
The Illustrious Order of Templar Strict Observance is mixed,
He accepts dual membership.
He will receive you in your ranks and qualities (highest supporting diploma) within a Respectable Lodge
Allegorical of his Scottish Grand Lodge of Strict Observance by an oath on the gospel after reading of
your application letter, interview reports and vote.

2) You are a Beneficent Knight of the Holy City.
Can only be armed once!
The Order only practices the Rite of Strict Observance within it, however we hold the transmission
of the Profession and Grande Profession Willermozienne in order to allow you to close your
course of the Rectified Scottish Rite but also to have access to the Clericate of the Templar Strict Observance
reserved only for the Professed Knight of Strict Observance as a privileged visitor.
This transmission takes place in a Templar church in the South West of France.

2) You are a layman:
Woman or man over 25, no criminal record.
Taking a solemn oath on the Gospel of Saint John is no problem for you.
You keep your word.
So, you should send us a cover letter.